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A Michelin restaurant, Richard Gere’s favorite spot, and a restaurant with a kitchen in another town.

How do you find the perfect restaurant in a town of 870 people? That’s right: be an experienced tourist and a local at the same time. For years, we’ve walked the coast and narrow streets of Atrani, trying the best food, looking for the best chef, hunting for the best views, and, of course, trying to find the best pizza.

In that time, countless plates of pasta and seafood have been eaten, a couple dozen cups of cappuccino have been drunk, and of course, more than one glass of wine. We responsibly present you our trusted guide to Atrani restaurants: where to go, what to try and which table will give you the best view of the sea.

Where to eat good food in Atrani

  • Pizzeria Mistral
  • Il Viliero
  • Savò
  • Le Arcate
  • Le Palme
  • A’Paranza
  • Da Zaccaria
    (or Cantina del Nostromo)

Ristorante "Le Palme"

«Le palme» is a very interesting restaurant run by two brothers: chef Armando and hall master Salvatore. During the peak tourist season and during the school vacations, Salvatore’s children help out in the hall. These brothers have been working tirelessly since 1990, as they sincerely want to win the heart of every guest. Since the Amalfi coast is very close to the sea, as a rule, restaurants do not know how to cook meat properly. But Le Palme is an exception, here every dish will be excellent. Be it a signature pasta with pistachio pesto or a sea bass dish with walnuts. Be sure to try the grilled seafood or the homemade pork medallions, made using a family recipe.

Armando and Salvatore are the ones who keep up with the latest trends and can respond to guests in any language, no matter what part of the world you’re from. Along with traditional dishes, you can also find gluten-free pasta and even pizza here! The atmosphere is always lively, friendly and fun. The palm of primacy on delicious pasta goes to them exactly. Large portions and a great selection of wines. The older brother Salvatore, in addition to working in the restaurant, happens to be the manager of his villa, which he rents out to tourists. He works to create an unsurpassed comfort and convenience for his guests. You can order any dish to go, and they are always accommodating.

Ristorante "A'Paranza"

A’Paranza is a godsend for foodies and Instagram! Why? If you post a photo of a colorful dish you can effectively sign it «Restaurant from Michelin Guide 2020». Yes, it was A’Paranza that made it into the Michelin Guide 2020. By happy coincidence, we live in the same house. So let’s say this once: don’t expect a luxurious look, but be sure that everything here — from fork design to the lemon in the fish sauce — will be devoted to food! A food menu is accompanied by a weighty wine list, but you will hardly need ita friendly waiter will find out your taste in a minute and advise you which dish is worth tasting. A’Paranza has an excellent selection of antipasti (appetizers) and an amazing wine list. We know for a fact that people come all the way from Milan for their signature risotto con crema di scampi (risotto with langoustine). When heading to this restaurant, our top tip is: don’t order any meat dishes. The sea is just two hundred meters away, which means you should not miss a chance to try the freshest seafood. You will be pleasantly surprised with generous portions and a decent selection of wines from local wineries. A solid restaurant you won’t want to leave — the price tag is right, but if you happen to visit this charming Italian village, take it all in!

Le Arcate

«Arcate» knows all the locals who can’t live a day without the traditional pizza cooked over a live fire. After all, they have a real wood-fired oven, and for 55 years, they have been making great pizza, seasoning it with a magnificent view of the sea! The restaurant is run by a large family, and it seems you’ll always find one of the family members in the kitchen or in the hall at work. They know a thing or two about good food in Arcata: for example, you can meet Edward Norton here just for dinner. And Richard Gere himself often comes here to admire the unique sea view. Tradition and tradition again — that’s the credo of Le Arcate, because they kept their menu unchanged since 1965.
Do you want a story about that? One day, after a very tasty fish dinner, we asked the chef to come out to us to personally pay our respects and express our absolute delight. We asked him what he did, what was the secret of the dish? It was the end of the day and the chef was a little tired and uttered quite calmly: «There is no secret. I just salted and peppered the fish. I don’t make it worse or better, I make it the way it should be, because that alone is a sign of quality.» All that remains is to add «Giusto»!

Pizzeria Mistral

Pizzeria Mistral is located on the central square next to the fountain. It is ideal for those who have already seen the main sights and returned to the very center, wishing to complete the impression of the city with a gastronomic palette of flavors. There is a small electric furnace in the institution, so the pizza here will certainly be delicious, but for traditional recipes and live fire — you should probably go to other places. The great thing about the pizzeria is that they cook and serve it quickly, while still being delicious. Want some pasta? Sit down and in 10-15 minutes you can be sure to get a huge hot serving of delicious pasta in the best Italian tradition. Fresh seafood, average prices that will please both gourmets and those who just want to eat and enjoy nice service — what else do you need? And takeaways are easy to prepare for you.

Il Viliero

«Il Viliero» translates from Italian «the sail», and that means you’re sure to come here for seafood. Not without reason among the reviews on tripadvisor the expressions «divine fish» and «excellent seafood» flicker. Located right by the fountain in the main square of the city, they can afford to take tables outside during the tourist season thus giving you a great view to enjoy your meal. This is a family restaurant, where both children and noisy companies and greedy tourists will be welcome. You will always find an available table, as later in the evening, the owners put a lot of extra tables next to the fountain. The typical Italian hospitality and normal portions in this restaurant are the sign of good service. And only here you will be fed at a time when most places are already closed, namely after 11 and even around midnight. Late for a walk in the mountains or along the coast and you’re hungry? Benvenuto in Il Viliero!


The Savo restaurant is one of the oldest in Atrani. Perhaps because it is held together by several family generations: the chef is the father of the family, and his son and wife work in the hall. These are people who work very hard to make sure that you are satisfied and enjoy the highest quality food and service. And these are not empty words: we personally know people who come to Atrani for holidays and have started every day with a meal at «Savo» for 10 years! With such trust, the chefs and staff will not allow themselves to lose face: there is really good quality cuisine and high service. If you like homemade wine, you can definitely find it at the Savo — a great way to sample fresh seafood and local homemade sweets, which are also prepared by the restaurant’s chef.

Da Zaccaria (or Cantina del Nostromo)

Da Zaccaria restaurant is located on the steepest mountain rise, namely the bluff. This view alone is worth a trip to Atrani! We recommend getting here early to grab that enviable table in the corner with the panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. But that’s not all the restaurant is famous for. It is the bone of contention between the two old neighbors, Atarni and Amalfi, and is located in two towns at once: the hall is in Amalfi and the kitchen is in Atrani.
The food is definitely not the calling card of this place, but they will treat you to a «dish» that no other restaurant in Atrani has: a great view of the sea at any time of the day or night.
There’s no point in going early or making a reservation: There’s always room, even during the city’s major holidays, such as Ferragosto, when other restaurants can’t get enough of it. It’s beautiful, but don’t look for a true Italian welcome or haute cuisine; this place is a typical tourist trap that’s only good for a couple of cocktails with a beautiful view. Overpriced, frozen food of poor quality, and the staff makes no secret of their displeasure if you happen to be the last guest on a Sunday night. Bottom line: just over a hundred reviews on Google Maps and all positive. Our advice — you should come here just for the photos and at most — for a cocktail.

However, it will be nice to spend an evening with a glass of wine, conversation and contemplation of the sea from the height of an old cliff. The tables are right along the road between Amalfi and Atrani: watch the tourists pass by and enjoy the sea.

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